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  William Robert McDaniel and Sarah Mozley McDaniel reared five daughters: Lillian, Stella, Clyde,  Martha and Adelia and two sons: Charles Milton and Henry Grady. The family moved by wagon train with several other families (Taylors and Crafts) from Sand Mountain in North Alabama to Rose Hill in Covington County (South Alabama). The family settled in Rose Hill around 1890. After William Roberts' death in 1893 they migrated to Florala, Alabama. Sara Mozley McDaniel and her five daughters owned and operated the Phoenix Hotel (a boarding house) in Florala. They rented rooms mainly to railroad workers. They often served over 100 meals a day. Sarah died in 1912 in Florala. The sisters and brothers remained in South Alabama and Northwest Florida after marrying and rearing families of their own.

  In an effort to increase, unity and preserve lasting family ties, a decision was made to hold an annual McDaniel Family Reunion the latter part of June 1942. McDaniel Fish Camp, Freeport, Florida was selected as the site of this first reunion due to its central location for most of the family.The sisters and brothers attending the first reunion were:

Mrs. Lillian Duggan/Hegy, Crestview, Florida

Mr. Charles Milton McDaniel, Freeport Florida

Mrs. Stella Stuart, Tallahassee, Florida

Mrs. Clyde Sanderson, Montgomery, Alabama

Mrs. Martha Gaines, Birmingham, Alabama

Mrs. Adelia Jones, Tallahassee, Florida

Mr. Henry Grady McDaniel, Florala, Alabama

  The sisters and brothers gathered their respective clans together each year for 2 or 3 days to revive relationships, meet new relatives, and generally enjoy each other’s company and the wonderful food that was prepared.    Each year they planned the next reunion and took turns hosting and selecting the site.The last reunion was held in June 1962. Due to the death of Charles Milton (Uncle Buddy) in May 1963, the reunion was canceled that year and not revived until the year 2000.

  Through the years as family members got together, the topic of renewing the reunion often came up in conversation as they remembered the fun and fellowship of past reunions. In September 1999 Charles McDaniel & Billy McDaniel agreed to revive the reunion and so set the weekend of 16 -18 June 2000 for a new reunion. Posey's Motel in Panacea, Florida, a location familiar in our past, was selected. A mailing list and database was established to locate as many of the offspring of the original brothers and sisters as possible.

The McDaniel Clan originated from the McDonald Clan.   The plaid background that you see repeated on every page is the Tartan or colors of the McDaniel Clan.  The Watermark you see on this page under the history is the McDaniel Clan motto "Per Mare  Per Terras" which means "By Sea and by Land".